What is Love?

About a year ago my Fiance gave me a giving key with the word, "Believe". At the time, I had finally finished my hospitalization for depression. When I first received it, I did not think I needed to believe in anything. I thought I was fine. Up until a few weeks ago, my mind came to a realization that I needed to love myself. Recently, I joined an interpersonal communication class. In this class, we are taught about relationships between people and how people communicated. This week we talked about, "What is Love?". My teacher is recently ending a 20 year marriage, and struggles with letting go and self-love. After class today, I came up to her and gave her the bag. She asked what it was and I told her what giving keys were. I told her that I have had it in my purse for awhile waiting for someone who truly needed it. She smiled. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks as she packed up her things. I left smiling.