Her Life Will Never Be The Same


My friend Abby's son Charlie died of an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 5 on December 5, 2014.
Her grief is palpable and unimaginable. Her life will never be the same.
I agonized over the word I would choose for her key. Strength? She has it but needs it too. Love? Because I love her and admire her. Hope? For easier days ahead.
They all fit.
But the one I ultimately chose was PEACE.
When I try to imagine her loss, to put myself in her shoes, my biggest wish for her is to find some semblance of peace amidst her grief that will last a lifetime.
Her dad described her grief so eloquently to me, depicting it like the cold of a winter season that lasts too long. There are some days that is can be tolerable but then the next day it's unbearable and you feel it all the more.
She loves her key and what it stands for. I told her to keep it forever; there is never a need to pass it along. But, I know she will one day because peace and love will win.