I Spent Every Moment Possible With Her

I received my key from my mom. She and I have been through the greatest high and lows together, and our relationship has never been better than it is now. My key came in the mail, in a care package she sent to me at college after I had ended a 5+ year relationship and really needed some strength and love. I cherished it until I found the person to give it to. I have grown a bond unlike one i have ever known with my best friend Alessandra. She is all of the cliche best friend stereotypes and more. She has the most beautiful soul, cares about the people she loves more genuinely than anyone else, and she isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear, even if you don't want to hear it. It's special to find the person that you can have so much fun and crazy adventures with, while also being the person you sit in the library with for weeks straight and be the person you call first when anything (good or bad) happens. I gave her the key the day she moved home for the summer after Junior year. Her (ex)boyfriend and her were going through some issues and after spending everyday with her at school, I gave her the key so she would know that I was with her everyday, no matter what.

I once was going through a rough time, with family sickness and personal matters, and she wanted to give me the key back. It meant so much to me that she wanted to return the favor, but I think we both knew it wasn't the right time.

This week, one of Alessandra's best friends from high school passed away very suddenly. I spent every moment possible with her since she found out. I can't imagine the pain she is in, and it breaks me to see her hurting so badly. She flew home for the funeral today and just told me that she is giving the key to a special friend who really needs it right now. It warms my heart that I could be a small part in helping her extend her love to others in such a sad time.

I am so thankful for this key. I am thankful that it has strengthened my bonds with the people I care the most about, and now that it can be a part in giving strength to the people who need it most. I am so excited to hear about where it travels next.

I love you so much, Alessandra. Stay strong knowing that there are so many people who love you so much and keep your heart full knowing that Will loves you so much and will be with you always.
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