Staying Strong And Keeping The Faith

So about a month ago I ordered my FAITH giving key. I wore it everyday and people asked why was I wearing a key and did it belong to something. I went through the process of explaining. And everyone loved it!
I was talking to a teacher/co worker of mine who is battling cancer and still comes to work 3 days a week to teacher her Science class. We were having a conversation one day about a week ago and I was asking her how she and her family were doing and she replied I have my good days and bad days but we are staying strong and keeping the faith. Every since talking to her I felt like I really wanted to give her my key. So today 2-6-15 when she came to work I told her about the giving key and told her she had been on my mind and I wanted to give her my FAITH key. She cried and hugged me and thanked me! She also said she would wear it until she felt it was time ri pass on. Thank you so much Giving Keys. And can't wait to order a new key and do it again.