It Gave Me The Extra Strength To Push On

My story begins with a very sad day and many more to follow. My husband and I were expecting back in August 2014. It was such a happy time. We were ready for a little bundle of joy in our lives. The baby room was painted, crib put together, and bassinet ready. On September 17th, 2014 I started spotting. My husband was at a football game with his dad enjoying the day, and I was hanging out with my sister excitedly talking about our new arrival. When I came out of the bathroom my sister saw the horrified look on my face. She said, "Don't worry, but let's go in just to make sure everything is ok." We waited for 3 hours in the emergency room. The whole time my sister is trying to keep my mind preoccupied and positive. When it was finally time and I was admitted it didn't take long to bring me the sad news. The poor doctor was pregnant as well and sobbing as she is telling me that we had lost the baby. The ER nurse that was charged to me was so kind and empathetic. My poor sister was at a loss and all she could do was ask, "Would you like me to go and get Cam?" I said yes and she left with tears welled up in her eyes (she doesn't cry much so I knew that it was a big deal). The ER nurse stayed with me holding me, rubbing my back, and letting me cry on her shoulder until my husband came. She had so many other things to do, but she took her time to help me in my time of need. When my husband arrived at the ER he was at a loss. I had never seen this strong man of mine so helpless in my life. We were eventually checked out and had to go get our things at his father's house. Waiting with tears and hugs were his dad, step-mom, and step-sister. They were at a loss as well and all we could do was cry and hold each other. It was a few weeks later that my sister in law (my husbands step-sister) gave me the giving key of STRENGTH. It was such a wonderful reminder that everything will be ok, and it gave me the extra strength to push on. My husband and I are now trying to have another child, and so I passed this key onto another co-worker of mine. Her husband walked out on her and her kids about 2 months ago. She is now going through a messy divorce and needs all the strength she can get. So I passed this key on to her is the hopes that it would bring her as much strength as it brought me and my husband.