I Didn't Need Any Clarity


My dear friend and I are volunteer mentor moms for MOPS (moms of preschoolers) at Florida Bible Church, Miramar , Fl. for the past 7 years. Sharon has battled and won in the fight with lung cancer for 15 years, however a terrible lung infection ended her life this month. At MOPS , she became close with the hospitality coordinator and had the inclination and heart to know this girl was in over her head...( so to speak), Vanessa does everything with passion and enthusiasm, never saying no, while in the midst of loosing her home to foreclosure and homeschooling her two young children , she has continued to persevered joyously in her position at MOPS unwaveringly.
Sharon upon her death bed told me she wanted Vanessa to have the COURAGE key, she , Sharon, had to pass on as a mentor. I didn't need any clarity on her wishes and executed them to the fullest. Sharon, living an intentional, generous lifestyle, wanted to make sure others were reaping the blessings she dearly held close to her heart. Sharon in her courageous fight for her own life, still thought someone else needed the blessing. In following the instruction that came with the courage key I share this story , I pray, my friend and sister in Christ 's legacy will live on. Thank you, Mindy Bagby