I Was Scared For Her

I am a member of a MOPS group. After I registered for the 2014-2015 MOPS year I received my registration packet. In the registration packet was the COURAGE key. I have problems keeping the clutter in my house under control, and to me it was just another piece of clutter in my house, so I threw it away in the trash.

Our MOPS theme this year is to "Be You, Bravely". However, I started off the year feeling scared, not brave. I knew I needed to be brave though, I had no other choice. My sweet baby was born with a neural tube defect in her skull and she needed surgery. I was scared for her to have surgery, terrified, and praying for a miracle.

Right before my daughter's surgery I received a COURAGE key in the mail from another MOPS Mom. Suddenly, the same key that was junk to me became very meaningful. She sent me an encouraging, caring hand written card with the key that I will keep for a very long time. It meant so much to me that she cared. I will never forget her kindness to me during such a difficult time in my life. I took that COURAGE key with me to my daughter's surgery, and it is very special to me. Thank you Kristin!

My daughter is doing well now. Praise God!
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