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Grateful For All That I Have Endured

A word I seldom felt until a yoga studio opened in my hometown. At 24, I buried my mother and essentially she was all I had. I landed a career in Philadelphia that I left for love; my whole heart and everything I have worked so incredibly hard for, I let a man take. Along with possessions, he took my dignity and self-worth. It took me a good year to not be angry at myself, to get my finances back or order and really begin to heal. Yet, I knew a part of my spirit and strength was missing. I joined Grow Yoga to find it.

My GRATEFUL key goes to the entire staff at Grow, but especially to Tara Van Ness, the co-founder. She is one of the most beautiful, strongest, fearless women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She saved my life by just being kind and gentle, understanding and supportive. The community at her studio is beyond exceptional. I am not venturing back to Philly to resume my career in sales, to live in my studio apartment I originally gave up and I am sincerely GRATEFUL for all that I have endured, all the good, bad, ugly, because it's made me beautiful and it's helped me recognize so much about myself. I am grateful to have met Tara, to have found a passion with Baptiste Yoga, and to continue my journey to self-love.

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