Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear

I got my HOPE giving key for my birthday in September of 2014. I wore it as much as possible; the message on the key helped me to remember that hope is our anchor, an anchor that is sure and steadfast. I gave my key to a friend's daughter who had cancer. I felt over and over than I needed to give her my Hope key. I gave it to her mom on New Years Eve and while I never did get to tell her daughter about it, I gave her the card that explains the keys, along with the quote from the Hunger Games, "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear". The daughter passed away a few weeks later, but I believe it inspired hope and she lived fearlessly, because she had an eternal hope. Her husband and young daughter now have that key to remind them to let Hope anchor their souls. When it doesn't feel right, or its too much to go on, I pray that that little keys