Never Ending Grace

My step-daughter gave me two of these bracelets after we both had seen an article about this company and what you do. They were Grace and Strength. When Beth gave me the bracelets, she wrote "You are one of the kindest and most selfless people I know. I am continuously impressed with all you do for and give to others. No doubt you have incredible "strength" and "grace." Wear these for a while to assure they soak up your good powers....then give them to someone who needs them."
It was so sweet.....I definitely do not have too much strength or grace, so I was thrilled with wearing them for a few months. Then, one day, my good friend whose son is dying of liver disease, went to dinner. She has handled taking care of her adult son, helping him move from place to place, get to doctor appointments, moving him in and out of nursing homes, and the entire time she has NEVER said a bad word about him. I think she is "GRACE" all over! I immediately gave her the Grace bracelet, and now have another in mind for my strength one. I have ordered two more for me to wear and then pass on. LOVE THIS IDEA and what it can do. Thanks for what you do.