She's Been Really Struggling With Depression

About a year ago I bought my giving key, at the time I was struggling a lot with depression and other hardships in life. I saw the key with the word "FIGHT" on it and knew it was the key for me. Throughout the past year I've held onto that message and have watched God give me strength to fight my every day battles with my chronic medical condition and much more. Throughout the past year I sort of found my voice and as a singer songwriter started using it. Anyways, I was in love with my Key but I knew eventually the right time would come to give it away. My younger cousin Katie and I have always been pretty close growing up,she's seen me at my worst in the hospital and at my best, and has always been there. Butt in the past couple years have really grown closer. The past year has been hard on her, she's been really struggling with depression and wondering if life was even worth living. I had been there before, but I know that the last thing she would want to hear is how somebody claimed to understand what she was going through, because I know I didn't. So I was just simply there for her, like she's always been for me. A few weeks ago I was wearing my key and joking about how I never wanted to give it away, when my mom mentioned Katie, and I automatically knew that was the perfect person to pass the message onto. She's been fighting hard, and she even made the amazing decision to be baptized this past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to help our pastor baptize her. I wanted to do something to tell her how much I loved her, and how excited I was for what God is doing in her life, so I wrote her a long letter and prepared to give away my key. On Sunday as she came up out of the water the joy on her face was priceless, I was so proud to know her and be there with her. I gave her the key and put it around her neck, the tears in her eyes were so worth it. I'm forever grateful for that moment when I was able to pass on the message, to just keep fighting. I'm so lucky to have had that key and even more blessed to be her cousin.