It Took Courage As She Struggled For Life

This "courage" key i received could only go to one person. That person arrived 33 years ago, two and a half months too early and weighing in at just under 3 pounds. It took courage as she struggled for life in her incubator for 2 months and after getting out, she had many months and years of casts and surgeries to correct birth defects on her tiny feet. It took courage for a little girl in a leg brace and funny shoes to ignore the taunts and teasing, but it made her strong and compassionate.
Years later, those same feet belonging to this courageous woman, traveled alone to foreign mission fields, hiked up rugged mountain trails, and peddled many Rocky Mountain bike paths. But she's not alone anymore. Those feet took her gracefully down the isle on her wedding day last summer. I just can't wait to give this "courage" key to my lovely daughter, Hannah.