All We Need Is A Little Hope


Sometimes all we need is a little 'hope' even in this world of social media. Some people are reaching to others for inspiration, prayers or just kind words. Over the years I befriended someone from Facebook and got acquainted over time. She's battled breast cancer and fighting the good fight. In the midst of her journey she has been seeking encouragement and prayers just to get her through some difficult days. Even thought she has a strong faith, fear tends to creep up and that feeling of being alone cause you to see out some encouraging words....anybody out-here?? Guess that is to be understood when your not out of the woods yet.

My 'Hope' key was calling out and ready to be passed on. As I kept in touch with her she would cry out on when her journey would see some light. Told her 'Hope' will get you through along with prayers. And so this key would be a symbol to keep that faith and hope each day you fight your battle. Cancer is a horrible disease that likely has touched us all in some fashion. When you have support system either family, friends or even in this social media age, it's the little things that make a difference. Think we should all realize that some people are seeking comfort and/or encouragement through other means (i.e social media). We must also be compassionate in these areas and also pay it forward even if we befriend someone through this virtual world.