I Was Really Struggling

My key that was given to me was stamped with the word FAITH and boy did I need it! I was really struggling to have faith in a higher power and to believe in myself. The person who presented me with my key was so excited to give me this gift and it meant the world to me and I wore it proudly. Being that I worked with individuals who have been homeless the story of Giving Keys touched my heart profoundly and I loved telling the story of how it got started. I knew when I got the key that the day would come when I would give it away, but it needed to be special and it was. One of my dear friends was in a transition of sorts and questioning God, her belief in Him and where had He been when she called out to Him with her pain. Having sustained a spinal cord injury in 2001 and becoming paralyzed at the age of 48 I will admit I had that same conversation with God. My friend had had something similar happen to her husband and it does test our faith. Once I decided who my key was to go to my excitement could barely be contained and I wrapped it for her as it had been wrapped for me. When I presented Christine with her new key she burst into tears and hugged me tightly. Although the key is gone from me the FAITH is stamped into my heart!