In Memory Of Priscilla

I was given this key with Strength on it from my sister in law for Christmas this year. I battled drug addition for over 10 years and have been clean for going on 5 years. While I was in recovery a made friends with a beautiful soul named Priscilla Russell. She had come into the program 6 weeks prior to me getting there. She had recently accepted Jesus into her heart and fell completely in love with Him and the word. She graduated the Foundry Recovery Center as I did too. Fast forward 21 months later and this beautiful soul relapsed. She was out on the streets for a while then went back into a recovery program a few months ago and was on the right track to freedom from this battle she has been fighting. Two weeks ago this coming Tuesday she overdosed on a deadly injection of heroin. She was taken to the hospital in Birmingham, AL and was put on life support with no brain activity. I went to the hospital to pray over her and with her family and it was at this time that I gave my key away. I took it off and gave it to Priscilla's mother in the hospital waiting room. She need strength that could only come from the Lord. Priscilla passed away last Sunday surrounded by family and friends. Yesterday we had a celebration of life service for her and over 800 people showed up for this. She had such an impact on so many people.