A Apple For The Teacher

I am an elementary school teacher. I had a student in my class last year and again this year because I taught second grade and then third. He had been physical abused by his mom and is being raised by his dad. He had a lot of anger issues and behavior problems, but he also was my most polite student. The only one who always thanked me when I planned a fun activity or brought the class treats. His dad lost his job in November and has been out of work since then. They recently had their power shut off. Today they left to move to Arkansas to live with the grandfather. I was very sad to see him go in spite of all the hard work it took to get his behavior under control. He has a special place in my heart. I gave him a card and the Strength key and told him it was to bring him and his dad strength in their new home. I told him to someday pass it on to someone else. He immediately put it around his neck and said he would someday give it to his son.