This Unsteady Path Was Not To My Choosing


Where do I start...we all have visions of what our life will be. Dreams and goals leading to that "perfect" life. Mine consisted of lots of education leading to a promising/successful career, waiting for marriage and motherhood, and meeting MR. RIGHT in my mid-thirties.

As my life seemed to be easy with no struggles my path changed course with many sharp turns. This "unsteady" path was not to my choosing, but by Faith.

Professionally, I was "let go", "payed off" or "terminated" by some of the various companies I worked for. There was no legal, professional reason...I was a target and bullied out of my profession. I found out I was unable to have children and my marriage of 10 years was coming to an end. The place I called "HOME" with my husband and furry children needed to be sold.
My path became scary, uncertain and everything I thought I had was taken from me. I had nothing I thought.
I feel into a deep sadness, depression, loss of self confidence and my love for myself seemed to be lost as well.
My only, beautiful, wise younger sister gave me the COURAGE KEY. I had not thought much of it until now. I now treasure "the gift" and the love and support behind it. My sister has been the person "keeping my head above the water" Lyrics By the Grace of God-Katy Perry. I realize this was another "sign" presented to me. I was just not ready to "open the doors" and "see" the signs....the pain was too real and too deep.

Through my 4 year windy path journey, I have started to practice my profession again gaining self confidence back and becoming more financially stable little by little. I have been through a divorce from a selfish person who bullied to get his own way at times, to selling my house, and establishing a company (BEHAVE) to help others who experience Work Place Bullying and provide a path for healing.

My healing has consisted of prayer, yoga, family, furry children and friends.

I have been provided with many Angels on my path. "Synchronicity moments" have been seen and felt . I try to journal all these blessed experiences as they are my "story".
I continue on this journey with thankfulness, trust and love....for this is the "open door" to discovering my true self and purpose here. We are "here" to share, give, and help others with the blessings we have been granted. God continues to show me where I need to go next....and I am experiencing more joy and happiness than ever before.

Through my journey I have met a beautiful, kind soul who is going through a divorce due to years of domestic abuse and bullying. She is now starting this windy path full of many difficult turns. My path crossed her's to be an Angel of Courage....and the COURAGE Giving Key is the tangible sign from above. I pray for her and will continue to be there as this is where God has presently lead me....My journey continues and I am enjoying all the moments along the way.

God Bless.

Peace and Happiness,

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