Fearless Friendship

I recently found myself at a crossroad where I needed to make a choice on how I was going to move forward. Did I play it safe and try to compromise to avoid possible rejection ...or did I trust my gut and verbalize exactly what it was that I wanted despite the possible outcome? I chose to be fearless. As I was embracing this choice (which wasn't always easy), I came across the Giving Keys and decided to wear Fearless around my neck as a reminder to never be afraid of making the choices I believe are best for me. Days later I went to visit a friend who moved to LA from NY a few year back without much of a plan. A friend who embodies the concept of living life without fear. She's been scared, hesitant and pessimistic but has never let those emotions dictate her choices.
On the last day of my visit, we sat and sipped tea on a uncharacteristic rainy day in Santa Monica and talked about all she's done and plans to do. Without hesitation, I passed along my key to her. I want her to be reminded that she IS fearless and as she continues to make choices with that sentiment, she will create the life she wants. My fearless friend has been an inspiration to me and I look forward to witnessing where she goes from here...
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