Here's To The Legendary Casey


Several weeks ago, I sent you a link to a blog post about a precious 11 year old pediatric hospice patient I had been meeting with to help write letters to her loved ones. (That's my life calling I felt led to give her a Legendary Giving Key someone had given me three months before as I was headed to NYC for an interview on Fox News. (And scared to death)

Well, this past week, precious Casey died. I went to the visitation last night. There, laying in the small casket, was 11 year old Casey, with the Legendary Giving Key around her neck. Apparently, the moniker "Legendary Casey" has stuck, and numerous online childhood cancer posts as well as school posts, etc, are referring to her as "Legendary Casey." Her mom told me that Casey wanted the key sent to her best friend who now lives in France after the funeral. So that's where your beautiful key will be going next. I just wanted to share with you what a wonderful impact this key made in this dear child's short life.