Serenity For Amy

I had bought myself a giving key with the word Serenity inscribed on it when I made the decision to get sober. I figured I needed a reminder to find Serenity in my sober life and what better way then to be able to wear it each day.

A few months into my sobriety I started letting some friends know of my decision to get sober. One friend couple (Brian and Grace) happened to have a daughter (Amy) who had started the process of sobriety a little earlier than me. I let both Brian and Grace know that Amy could have my number if she wanted and maybe we could meet for coffee... It never hurts to have too many sober friends.

Two months later I received a message from Grace that Amy had over dosed on pills the night before and she did not make it. I never got the chance to meet Amy and my heart ached for Brian and Grace. I attended the viewing for Amy which was very emotional. It was that day that I decided Brian should have my key so that he may find serenity after Amy's passing. I pray for Brian and Grace each day that they may find peace, comfort and serenity from God