Always Reminded


When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was very emotionally overwhelmed and depressed. My sister in-law gave me this key; it had been given to her during her need for strength. I wore this key many times - mostly for Chemo/radiation sessions, any appointment, and before /after surgeries and pretty much all the time. It was always something to hold on to and to help ground me. I know it sounds strange to put so much emotion into an object such as a simple key engraved with the words STRENGTH. But it reminded me to stay strong even when I was at my weakest point. It reminded me that there were better days to come. It reminded me there was always someone out there thinking of me. My story turned out and I am cancer free now. It is now my turn to pay it forward and to pass on this key. I have held onto this key so dearly waiting for the right person to pass it on to. I’ve waited for that person that I thought would understand the meaning behind this key and possibly not find it a bit hokey – a person that would get it. I chose a beautiful woman whom we don’t know each other all that well. We are connected through a child who is now my step son. But I do know that the little I do know of this lady, she is an amazing woman. She has recently lost her biggest fan - best friend - her soul mate - her husband. I am passing on this key to her to let her know she is beautiful; she has a kind soul; she is loved; and most importantly SHE is strong. I want her to have this key as a reminder that she can do anything and be anything she wants. I want to pass on this key to remind her of the strength that lies within her and of the strength of the loved ones that surround her that she can lean on at any time. She is surrounded by a beautiful family to help guide her through this time of need. She has triumphed over challenges that would have caused many people to give up. Today, April 1, 2015, I am passing on the strength to her. I hope this key reminds her of what is possible. Hope it reminds her that she is capable and able to take on the world. I hope it reminds her of how strong she is and of all the love she has to support her with family and friends. I hope it reminds her wherever she ends up that she already has all she could ever need – STRENGTH, FAMILY & LOVE. One day she will find that person who needs this key and she too will pass it on. I know I’m passing it on knowing it had been given to me with STRENGTH, worn in STRENGTH and now passed on with STRENGTH