I had Thought About Giving Her The Key

On February 28, 2014 my 31-year-old son passed away.

I was the one that found him in his apartment. He had been struggling with a cyst on his penial gland for several years. Had become addicted to pain medication. He overdosed and instead of calling 911 his girlfriend left him for me to find. I almost sent his son who was seven at the time to check on him but something told me not to. He watched from the driveway for the ambulance as I was doing CPR.

I struggle everyday with our loss and miss him so much.

My friend Dana gave me a key of STRENGTH and my friend Sara gave me a pendant with his picture engraved in it. I have worn them both for the past year, On March 21, 2015 two friends loss their 18-month-old granddaughter in an accident. We are giving a Benefit Sunday April 12th to raise money for funeral expenses. Like us they had no insurance. I had thought about giving her the key already and then Dana ask me if I was ready to pass it on and it was like a sign to me. I hope that it brings some comfort and strength to her. Nothing takes all the pain away, it does help knowing you have good friends that will catch you when you fall. If my beautiful son Jody can hear my prayers, Shane is doing great and misses his daddy. Please help watch over Shay in Heaven.