I Hope That The Key Will Give Her Strength

I got the key with the word STRENGTH so that it would give me strength when I felt weak. My son (a soccer athlete who played for his college team) was hit by 2 cars while riding his bike home from going to the supermarket his first year of medical school. He is now in a wheelchair because of 2 drivers carelessness. He has just finished medical school and matched for radiology residency. To say I'm proud is an understatement. He has battled many prejudice throughout his medical school years and has always had a great attitude. Last year he got himself a dog….not just a dog but a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We got a trainer to help train the pup and interestingly, she is blind.

Trelle, the trainer, is going overseas this month for stem cell therapy. Stem cell is the future for both Trelle and my son, who hopes one day to walk again. I gave Trelle my STRENGTH key as she journeys to Thailand for treatment, and hopefully she will come back able to see. Trelle was a sighted person but was in an accident when she was 12 and slowly began to lose her sight. I hope that she comes back with vision. I hope that the key will give her strength while there.