Friendhip Is Key



I received my giving keys when I needed something to remind me that feeling gratitude for this one life is so essential to being happy and not letting things weigh you down. Since receiving the key, I wore it and whenever I felt sad or down or overwhelmed, I would rub the key and use it as a token to bring me back to present and get out of my head.

The other month I was out with a friend who was dealing with similar feelings of sadness, overwhelmed, etc. She was divorced, several kids, and stressed with the unconscious mind state of allowing the mind to overwhelm. I gave her the keys and told her why I got them and how I used them to snap me out of it.

I just received this text from her this morning.
"Hi darlin friend! How are you? Thanks for letting me borrow keys of gratitude & keys to your ford!! Since then I've made a powerful shift. I'm back to Ashtanga nearly each morning & a bit of cardio barre & being super healthy. It feels soooo good. Thank you. Truly grateful for your love and friendship! You are a bloody good mate xoxo"