I Will Always Be Grateful



My girlfriend Amy introduced me to The Giving Keys over a year ago. She explained the concept of the company and the keys, and I instantly thought it was such a cool and creative way to share love and share stories. I watched the Giving Keys TED talk and immediately went online and bought my first key. I bought a GRATEFUL key and knew when I purchased it that I'd be giving it to Amy at some point in our friendship.

Amy is as good as they come. She's got a heart that's bigger than herself (and she's 6 feet tall!), a kind and gentle soul and an easy laugh that instantly makes you want to settle into a good conversation and cup of coffee or wine (depending on the hour of the day). I met Amy in Charlotte, NC when our paths crossed at work. No matter how old you are, the first day at a new job is always nerve-wracking. It feels like you're being transported right back to the first day of high school. Amy was one of the first friendly faces I met. We sat back-to-back in our little work spaces, and quickly connected over music, fashion and eventually photography. I watched Amy dive into photography first as a hobby, and then as a new career. Watching her discover her gifts has been such a joy - and let me tell you, the girl has SKILLS.

Amy has captured many special moments in my life, most importantly the newborn pictures of both of my sons. I wore my Grateful key during my pregnancy with my second son Matthew. I used the key as a reminder that even on my worst day, someone else out there is having a much harder time. I used it to help me stop and count my blessings. I used it as a reminder that it is a privilege to carry a child through pregnancy, even when my ankles disappeared and I was exhausted.

The photos she has captured of my growing family are some of my greatest treasures. Her photos hang all over the walls of our house - they bring me so much joy and are such fun reminders of my talented friend. I asked her to capture this picture of Matthew holding the key to celebrate the birth of a healthy baby boy, and to commemorate my time with the key.

I gave Amy the key as a thank you gifts for taking the photos of Matthew. I'm grateful for her talents, her spirit and her friendship. She is constantly teaching me what it means to be a joyful servant, a loving friend, a listening ear and a faith-filled woman. Nothing makes life more enjoyable that sharing our days surrounded by people we love - and for Amy I will always be grateful. I know she'll find the perfect person to give our key to one day, and I can't wait to read her story!

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