A Sisters Love

I received the courage key at a Gala raising money for kids with Down's Syndrome. I thought it was a nice touch and how fitting it was - especially after hearing such amazing stories of kids and families that had been through so much. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the key so I put it in a drawer and assumed it would be there for a while. I've decided today to pass this key on to my sister. She's going through a lot both physically and in her career. She lives far away and it simply breaks my heart to see her sad and to know that I am not there to hold her hand and help her get through this tough time. I hope she realizes how strong she is and how she WILL get through this difficult stretch. Maybe there's a curve in the road right now but hopefully it will take her to a wonderful and happy place in the end. Never give up hope. I love you PC - you are my sister and best friend. XXX