From A Survivor To A Caregiver

From a Survivor to a Caregiver

My MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group sent me this key in May 2014 as part of their 2014-2015 Leader's Packet because the theme was going to be "Be You, Bravely". I was serving at that point as a volunteer field leader, but had recently handed in my resignation notice due to a brain cancer diagnosis--I guess the notice and the packet crossed in the mail, which was definitely a God Thing since I needed all the courage-related items in that packet!

Fast-forward eleven months, my treatment seems to have worked, and I am trying to get back to normal. Due to some residual side effects, a woman from church has been coming to clean my house every other week. Recently she shared that her brother had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and was not responding to treatment very well. She is his primary caregiver. She is at my house now, and I will give her the key in a few minutes. She may choose to pass it along to her brother, but I think she can use some "en-courage-ment" herself.

(Update: I just gave it to her. She held it up in the air like an Olympic medal and gave me a huge hug. It was worth all those months of wondering who to give it to!
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