Per California's latest COVID-19 restrictions, we are required to pause our production and sales. As difficult as this is, we are staying hopeful we can resume production as soon as restrictions are lifted. Let’s keep in touch on Instagram at @thegivingkeys.

Inspire Faith

I've bought about 5 keys from you guys at this point and I would just like to say that I love what you guys do. Not only are you helping people transitioning out of homelessness, and helping the people who receive the keys to feel cared for, I know that giving these keys away has made me feel so good. This last key that I gave was a "faith" key. It was the first one that I bought, and I held on to it for the longest amount of time, I first bought it when I found out that my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Recently a friend of mine found out that her mother has stage 3 colon cancer, it was like looking in a mirror. I didn't even say a word when I gave it to her, I didn't have to. I hugged her, took it off my neck and put it around hers. And I hope that it can be a reminder for her just like it was for me

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