Legendary Brothers

Ever since one of my fraternity (Beta Theta Pi) chapter's founding fathers bequeathed the LEGENDARY key to me, I've been looking for another brother to pass it along to. Early on, I was searching for a brother who did something extraordinary within our chapter. After all, my brother gave it to me because of my work within the chapter. A few months went by and I hadn't been truly impressed by anyone specifically. I began to worry that I would graduate before I found the right recipient. Then, a younger brother named Andrew with whom I was very close went through something of a mental breakdown. He was hospitalized for about a week and ended up having to drop out of classes. I visited him at home with a few other fraternity brothers and he shared with us how disappointed he was that he couldn't finish the semester and how he couldn't be with the chapter for the rest of the year. He had been doing some of his best schoolwork to date and had recently taken on more responsibility within our fraternity.
We went to lunch and during our time together an issue within the chapter came up that had left me feeling particularly upset. One of our fraternity brothers named Nick is autistic and our fraternity is his only real connection to the campus outside of his schoolwork. Our executive team had recently decided not to let Nick live in the house again next year because they were afraid he might be removed from the chapter for academic issues in the next school year and didn't want to go through the trouble of replacing him in the house. I live in the house with Nick this year, and I expressed my concerns with the exec team because I'm not confident in this brother's ability to survive living alone and I felt that the people making the decision did not treat the situation with the care it deserved.
Out of nowhere, Andrew stepped up and suggested that he could live with Nick next year. Despite the issues that Andrew was going through himself, having to drop out and continuing to fight with mental issues and medicines that doctors were feeding him, Andrew put a brother before himself. Andrew lived with friends outside the fraternity for the previous two years and could have easily shirked off the responsibility to someone else or allowed Nick to live alone and 'figure it out' on his own. In fact, that's what the rest of the fraternity did. Andrew stepped up in a way that is no doubt LEGENDARY and I am confident that he will be a leader and central figure for our fraternity after I've gone
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