The Staff Seemed Optimistic



I received my first Giving Key this past Christmas. I had found out about your business a year earlier and LOVED the fact that you not only employed those transitioning out of homelessness, but also used keys no longer "in their previous service" I suppose you could say. My key has the lovely word FAITH, full of meaning to me as I am a Christian. I also received a muscle tee with the word STRENGTH upon the front.
I show Quarter Horses nationally all across the United States and have been doing so for the past 5+ years. When you show big-time like this, most people have a trainer. My trainer is the beautiful and inspirational Missy Thyfault. I started showing with her as my trainer when I was 9. I am now 15 and trust me, she is like my second mother. Just this week, she was with her son Max, who is a junior in high school, and started to feel intense pain every once in awhile in her back. She took pain medication as she usually would when her body is sore; she has a very rigorous kind of job, riding and lifting all day, so pain and soreness is common. Yet, the pain lingered, so she finally visited a doctor. She had a CAT scan (I believe, I don't know for sure as this is all new news to me) and the results showed a large mass on her kidney. The staff seemed optimistic that it would be able to be removed. She was sent to see another doctor. They also did a scan and found out this mass on her kidney was.......wait for it........the size of a GRAPEFRUIT...and could possibly be cancerous because about 80% of the time a mass is found on the kidneys, it is cancerous. She now will get her whole kidney removed along with the mass in the chance it is cancerous to keep from spreading it elsewhere. I plan on giving her my key of FAITH because trust me, she needs it. Hopefully she will stay strong and have FAITH to get through her rough moment in her life.