The Gift Of Strength

Last year I went through a divorce, and while it was my choice, it was still very painful and lonely. I was feeling a lot of burden around the decision and was worried about how my children would do through it all. I picked up a "strength" key from a local store as a gift to myself. I loved wearing the necklace and was reminded of the cause it was helping and that everyone in life needs strength at some point to get through a tough phase.

Last fall a friend lost her beautiful son. He was a bright light in everyone's life, especially his mom's and passed away much too early. I went for the memorial and everyone was there to support her and her family, but it wasn't until a couple of months later, when I was visiting her, that I slipped the necklace around her neck and told her how much it had bouyed me that year. I wasn't ready to give the necklace up, but I knew she needed it more than I did. She loves it and sent me a note later after she read up on it and told me how she would be giving keys to people she knew needed them.

I am in a better space in my life now. I don't need the strength key any longer and my kids are doing beautifully. But I did just order "peace" and "laugh" for me and a "be kind" necklace for my middle school daughter... I may need to buy all the girls at her school one!

It is one thing to say a kind word to someone, it is quite another for them to be able to carry that wish with them as a reminder. Thank you for your gifts.

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