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She Struggled With Fear

I received this key at the beginning of the MOPs (mothers of preschoolers) 'Be You Bravely' themed year, and I loved it immediately. I was pretty sure I'd have a hard time giving it up, and I placed on my key ring right beside my house key, because my ministry in my marriage and my home was requiring the most courage from me in that season.
Come May, I'd forgotten about the promise to share the key when I got a call from a good friend. She shared her struggle as she watched her brother-in-law and the whole family struggle with addiction; an experience I was too familiar with as my own brother's decisions were wreaking emotional havoc on my family several years ago when we lived in the same town. As she and I spoke and she shared the realization that she struggled with fear far more than she'd ever before realized, I knew it would be a perfect privilege to pass along the key to this sister in Christ. It goes in the mail tomorrow. I'm so grateful for the reminder it has been for me and will now be for her

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