Peace For Megan

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of my first Giving Key, with "Courage." I bought it because I love the concept, and I bought it because in my life right now - I need a visual reminder to have courage. Several people responded that they thought it was great, and one in particular stood out to me.

I met Megan.... 10? 12? years ago in college. She was pretty much the opposite of me, at least outwardly. Bubbly, "popular," beautiful. But somehow we ended up working together on projects and I learned so much more about her. The strength, the genuine kindness, the losses she had faced... and we became friends. We have stayed in touch off and on over the last several years, and I have watched Megan truly transform. Make decisions that were very hard. Face challenges head on. Take care of herself, body and spirit. Megan declared this year, the year of HER... and I couldn't be prouder. She's pretty awesome. She didn't really need my key, she didn't need courage - she has that in large amounts (whether she admits it or not, we all see it)... but I knew exactly what word Megan could use for this year.


Peace about her decisions, peace in putting herself first. Peace in moving forward, moving on, and moving more mountains.