Key Of Strength



My dad, the most amazing man I have ever known, passed away recently. He had a liver transplant 11 years ago. This past year was very difficult for him when he was faced with abdominal issues that needed to be addressed through surgery. After a 9 hour complicated surgery to fix his abdominal issues, he was placed in surgical ICU and we were told that he had a fighting chance as long as his liver could keep fighting. His health eventually declined, and we lost him. He was in the hospital for over 21 days, and he never opened his eyes because of the heavy sedation and pain medication.

In his last moments with us on Earth, as he prepared to go to his new home, my dad
gathered enough strength to open his eyes and to gaze first at my sister, then me, and finally my mom. My mom looked at him, gently touched his face and said "you did good, baby". Then he took his last breath.

He fought so hard, and my mother fought even harder to keep him here with us.

My friend Marissa gave me The Giving Key of "Strength". I am passing it along to my friend Carly Strommen. Her mother is suffering from brain cancer, and I believe that Carly needs this gift of strength that my friend Marissa first bestowed upon me.

Carly, I wish you all of the strength in this world to get through this. I love you and your family so much

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