The Perfect Roommate



I was given the DREAM bracelet this past Christmas by my Aunt, as I started my last semester of my college career. It took me a bit to think about how I could give back to someone and I knew of the perfect person.

4 years ago, I started college in a different state, knowing no one. It's a scary, anxious, and surreal feeling. On August 27, 2011 I walked into my dorm room to meet my random roommate. Now, I'm sure you've heard some real horror stories. But mine was very, very far from that. Ever since that day, the rest is history. My roommate became my best friend, partner in crime, my person. There is no one else out there quite like her, she is truly one in a million. We've been through a lot these past 4 years, but the most important part of the story is that we've done it together.

I've never seen someone or known someone who works as hard as she does with everything in life. Between working, school, stress, and making time for family and friends, she can do it all...always with a smile on her face. She is unfortunately in a situation where getting into graduate school is tough, stressful, and a long process. She didn't apply this year because it's such an exhausting and mentally tough process. This is my graduation gift to her.

You are going to be successful. You are going to do everything you've always dreamed of. You deserve it all. You deserve the entire world. I want you to have this bracelet as a constant reminder to not give up on your dream because you can do anything you set your mind to.

Thanks for being my best friend in the entire world. I can't imagine life without you. 629 forever and ever. I love you the most

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