Hope Got Her Through

My church, Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL, decided to give every woman a giving key for mother's day in support of this organization. I randomly picked Hope wondering what opportunity I might have to pass the key along. For the next two days, I couldn't stop thinking about my dear friend's sister who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and about to undergo a double mastectomy this week. The thought of her kept tugging on me...but why? What could I do? Why did I keep feeling this tug? Then all of a sudden, I thought of the Hope key! Oh my gosh, I took the opportunity and wrote Sharon an encouraging note and told her that this key should give her Hope. I told her to hold on to it, pray with it and remember to turn things over to God. Someday, I told her, when this is all behind her, she might want to give her Hope key to someone else who could use it, and who better to have it come from than the one who's Hope got her through.