My Friend J



The last six months have been an extremely transitional time for me. I moved cross country with two suitcases, no job, no family, no close friends, and one month to make it or break it. That's how long I could afford to stay in a new city with no job before I'd have to tuck my tail and return with my dreams withered and deadened. J. was there to encourage me the entire way. She kept telling me how strong I was to make that type of commitment. I didn't feel brave or strong, though. I felt like a failure when, after 3 weeks, I was still jobless and running out of money. J. even put money on my Starbucks card when I was circling the drain of my bank account.

And then, suddenly, things turned around. I found a seasonal job. Within 3 months, I got a promotion to a full time position with benefits. J. continually reminded me that I was a strong woman. I still didn't see it, but I stopped arguing. Then, J. started having job problems and began craving a change in her life. Around the time of this shift, I heard about The Giving Keys. When I glanced at the website, I knew what I had to do. Immediately, I ordered the "strength" key necklace. I would wear it for 3 days, pouring all of the good energy I could muster up into it, then send it on to J.

I had to stop exchanging so many silly pictures like I normally did with her while I was wearing the necklace, because it would be right there front and center; she'd be compelled to ask about it. I kept the website a secret even though I wanted to share it with her. The concept behind it, how it helped employ the homeless in Los Angeles, the keys all SCREAMED of things she'd adore. But I held strong and zipped my lips. Once I mailed the package to her, we both monitored the delivery as it was nearing its destination.

I got pics of her gifts as soon as she opened the envelope (I also sent a drawing and The Giving Keys "love" sticker with her necklace and a card). She posted the pictures on our social networks with a beautiful thank you. And most of all, she told me that she needed the key more than I knew. In less than a week, her car's transmission went kaput as well. I was glad the key got there before that.

I'm still sending vibes to the key that she now wears, hopefully adding to her daily strength during such trying times in her life.

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