Dream On George!!!

I recently went to Cuba where a few of us were working with a local church in a poor area. One day, we were speaking to approximately one hundred women about their worth, value and that they were all beautiful and powerful. During a lunch break, a couple joined us and I recognized the man from a previous time that I was in Cuba. I met him (let's call him George) this past August and I felt that I was supposed to give him my "Dream" giving key necklace. I loved this necklace and it was really special to me so I didn't want to give it away to just anybody. I didn't end up giving it to him in August, but here he was in front of me again, half a year later. I felt again that I needed to give him my giving key necklace but the only problem was that I did not have it with me (it was back at the place where we were staying). At the end of our day speaking to these amazing women, I saw George and his wife getting on a bus to go back to their hometown which was several hours away. I said to myself that if I happened to see him later on that week (I was only there for a few more days), that I would take it as a sign that I should give it to him. I really didn't think I would see him again. As we arrive back to the place where we were staying, look who's there! George and his wife! They were staying at the same place we were staying at and leaving early the next morning! Soon we all sat down for a late night snack and I got out my key and explained what the company was all about, what my "Dream" key meant to me, and then I gave it to George. I told him to dream big and to believe for the impossible. He has very little compared to all that we have back here in Canada but I believe that if he allows himself to dream big, that he will see amazing things happen in his life and in the lives around him. George put on the necklace and it looked perfect on him. He was so encouraged and began to share some of the dreams and the vision that he has for the future and wow, he is such a dreamer! Looks like it was the perfect key for George and I know it went to the right person!