Wonderful Kim

Dear wonderful Kim (and you know who you are “shorty”) got a key for her (2015) birthday from 2 people who love her dearly. Kim holds a most permanent place in our hearts because of the person she is. We love the work of the organization and while the key “concept” is to give the key to someone who needs it more than “the giver” we gave Kim this key because she IS such a giver and IS always ready to give a boost, a hug, a kind word of encouragement or whatever she can think of to help out. We know that she will always be there to help others and in times when words and actions won’t do, possibly the key, given from a respected inspirational and credible source, a strong and reliable woman could be just what is needed. Kim is setting an incredible foundation for her 2 wonderful daughters (M&H) and we are certain they will learn great things from her and be key givers too. Kim’s love is big and wide (she got that from her mamma). If you should receive this key from Kim, know that her boost is sincere and powerful and her love is strong. Accept the key, be brave, have hope, grow in the power of the love with which it started and with which it is given, let go of limitations and live your dreams BUT remember to pass it and share your story of the love of Kim and the joy and goodness she brings to the world! Celebrate those who live from an honest heart and follow their example! G&P - P.S. If you need more keys, let us know