Choose Courage

On Mother's Day, I received my key. I had the opportunity to choose from Love, Grace, Courage or Hope. I chose Courage. I am working through some things in my life, and it is always easier to process with friends who are hurting than it is to be the person who needs help. I am not good at sitting in my pain. I am quick to turn the attention onto someone else, so I knew that I needed courage to be able to sit in my pain in order to walk through it. Well, I was excited about my key, and I put it in my purse, and then I forgot about it until five days later when I saw my daughter wearing her key. I immediately put it on, and I wore it for two hours that evening and five the next day. When I put it on the next day, I knew right away that I was supposed to be giving it to my friend Saundra. Saundra has a medial condition and is suffering through a flare up right now. It breaks my heart to see her emotional and physical struggles with this and not knowing if and when her flare up will end. God put it on my heart so strongly that I knew without a doubt that it was for her. I had the same feeling again later in the day. So, I happily remove my key and pass it on to Saundra - for courage to face the unknown, courage to know that God is in control even when life is confusing, and courage to accept help as well as the courage to set boundaries for herself. Her friendship is a continued gift to me.