She Was A Perfect Example

I received my welcome packet late for some reason, it didn't arrive until January 2015, I think. So after looking through the packet and finding the courage key, I decided that I would give it to my mom. At this point, my mom had been battling a very rare cancer (leiomyosarcoma) for almost 7 years. All throughout her battle with cancer, she was completely heroic, never complaining, remaining her same self-less self, and so so courageous. Unfortunately, my mom died on February 24, 2015, and I was never able to give her the key. Most people say a person "lost" their battle with cancer when they die. No, my mom lost nothing, cancer won nothing. I will now wear the key in her honor and memory, as she was a perfect example to me of how to live life and how to be a mother, on so many different levels. It will serve as a reminder for me to have courage, even when the grief of losing her seems unbearable. Please join me in praying for her soul, that she may now rest in the perfect and complete peace and joy of God in heaven. Deb Allibone, may you rest in the peace of Christ.