Courage For Erika

Courage. Something I thought I had enough of, maybe even too much. Jump out of a plane? Check. Speak to a crowd of thousands? Love it. Backpack alone for 4 months? You bet. But when it came time to move halfway across the country, leave all of my friends and family, to a place where I didn't know a soul, yeah, maybe then I needed some courage. A friend of mine gave me the "courage" Giving Key when it was time to face this whole thing called "growing up," look it dead in the eye and say, "I can do this." Now that I am well adjusted, and loving my new life, it's time for me to pass my key. My best friend, Erika, is graduating college this weekend. Talk about a time to need a little courage, right? Facing the real world and all that comes with it is terrifying, but this gal has a journey ahead of her like none other. With no permanent address, and her life in a suitcase, Erika has decided to accept a traveling consulting job, where she will be empowering thousands of young college women. Born and raised in the city she went to college in, this will be quite the experience for bold young Erika. I hope when she looks down at this key, she will be reminded that we all face challenges, and we always overcome. She has been such a source of courage and fire for me, it's time that I pay her back. Erika, I wish you all the best my best friend, and I know you are going to absolutely flourish - wherever you are. I love you so much, I am SO proud of you. You are truly making the world a better place by simply being.