She is Stronger than She Believes

About 9 months ago my mother, who was more like a best friend, passed away after a long battle against cancer. I have a STRNGTH key in remembrance of her. It helped me find my way through on days when I didn't feel so strong. A few months later, my husband and I joined a newly launched church that we love. Not long after we started at this new church, I had the opportunity to meet a sweet, new friend who is such an inspiration to me. She is a picture of what our lives can be if we hold ourselves accountable and cling to the Lord. She is a single mother of three adorable kids. She has had a hard life but she is leaning on the Lord and her friends to change her life for the better. She never seems to see the strength in herself that the rest of us see in her everyday. One day she and I were talking about the life and relationship she has with her family and I could tell it was an area of her life that she didn't see her own strength. I decided that day to pass along my STRENGTH key to her because I want her to know that she is stronger than she believes. My hope for her is that when she doesn't feel strong, she can look at that key and find the strength she needs to press on.