Love Again

We started seeing each other over a year ago but we were so sure that we won't fall for each other. We said we were selfish and can only take care of our own selves. For a short term assignment in Haiti, and for modern day gypsies like us, love is not an intelligent option, a heavy excess baggage when the wind blows to a different direction. I just sent him to the airport today and with him is the LOVE key I bought over a year ago which I thought I will keep just for myself. I've been crying eversince I learned that he's leaving soon. I recently admitted that I love him, he did so too. Last night he was really broken. My biggest fear for him is that he will chose to close his heart for the fear of losing someone again, which why he was adamant from the beginning that he was not in for anything, that we are just friends, without anything special. With the key, I pray that he will not. I may not be the one to open his heart eventually, but I truly pray that he will love again.