Believe in Yourself

I was given this key by a friend. She knew that I was going through a transition in my life and changing careers... She asked me what word I would use to describe success. I told her, you must believe in yourself and so I picked the word believe.

A month went by and I had forgotten all about her asking me this question and as the new year turned, she pulled out a box with a key inside. I read the note and smiled. I would hold onto this key for the next 6 months.

A month had passed since I received the key and I heard the most terrible news I could ever imagine. My friends (not the one who gifted me the key) daughter suddenly passed away at the age of 3, just a couple weeks short of her 4th birthday. The pain that they must have went through and continue to go through is unimaginable, yet without skipping a beat she smiles and continues on in life. I know she has hard days and good days, but with out a doubt she deserves this WAY more than I could ever need it. I passed it on with hope that she continues to BELIEVE in that which is her faith.