Determined to Find the Strength

I had struggled with depression for two years and anxiety for nearly my entire life. The University I was attending at the time had been drowning me in sadness and loneliness since I was a freshman, and I was finally making a choice to change my situation. I transferred schools and bought this key, determined to find the strength to climb out of the depression that had been flooding over me for the past twenty four months. I wanted to find the STRENGTH to let people know me and to not let my anxiety keep me from doing beautiful and exciting things. I wanted to be brave. 


Two and a half years later, I am graduated from University and currently living in Honduras teaching English to children. When I was leaving for Honduras, I didn't even recognize the girl who first bought this key, so I don't even really feel like it belonged to me anymore. I knew exactly who I wanted to pass it on to. I gave it to my cousin, who is struggling to find the strength to be the person she wants to be and to pursue her dreams. I knew that she could use the reminder that the strength that she needs is already in her. She just has to find it.