Faith to Push Through

Today I had the honor of giving away my first Giving Key. I bought this little golden key inscribed with the word FAITH just four short days ago. Today was a very special day for me to give my key away, as it marks the one and a half year anniversary of my mom's passing. Prior to this she had been sick with cancer. It took an incredible amount of FAITH for my family to get through that time.

I was listening to a coworker talk about how she had been having a rough time lately, and how she had been trying to have FAITH. I got a feeling of shock hearing her use the exact word inscribed on my key, and at that moment I knew that she was the one who was meant to have my key. I took the key from around my neck and handed it to her, telling her the story of The Giving Keys and showing her the word inscribed on my key. I told her she was the one meant to have my key. She started tearing up and showed me a photo on her phone of a wooden cross and the word FAITH that she had bought earlier this week. It was an incredible moment, finding the person I was meant to pass my key on to, and being able to give someone else the FAITH to continue on. I will be buying my next key within the next few days, as I have seen firsthand the way it can truly touch a life.