Courage to Face Each Day

My story involves the giving of a key to a life long friend, who needed a little reminder of the pure joy and light she illuminates on a daily basis to those around her. 

Claire has been one of my life's biggest blessings, and I am constantly reminded of so in her thoughtful acts, infectious laugh, and youthful spirit. As life has evolved and changed she has been a stagnant character in my life's story and for that I am eternally grateful. 

To not judge a book by its cover are words that I've heard countless times throughout my lifetime from the mouths of my parents, teachers, and even priests. Words that I of course understood, but delivered no depth or mirrored personal experiences until I was made aware of the internal struggle Claire was going through all while everyone around her was under the impression she was leading a seemingly perfect life. 

I am so proud of the person Claire is and is becoming and the decisions, often difficult, she has made along the way. And to honor this I am giving her the courage key, to represent and remind her of the courage she exemplifies. 

The courage to face each day with her thoughtfulness, laughter, and spirit I so deeply admire. The courage to see herself the way others view her. The courage to keep on keepin' on even when times get tough.