Hope for Her Future

My boyfriend of a year and a half had recently broken up with me after a tumultuous trip to Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break. My mother purchased the Giving Key necklace for me with the word "HOPE" on it. It symbolized hope for my future as an independent woman. After a rough few days, I learned that my boyfriend's best friend had also broken up with his girlfriend, who I did not know very well. I reached out to her and invited her to go get bubble tea. There, she told me the story of her struggle with depression and her fears that she may slip back into self-harming habits. She feared her future instead of looking to it for inspiration. She needed hope. I handed her my necklace and helped her put it on. She thanked me and used the necklace's message of hope to turn her life around and begin living for herself. Her strength also provided an excellent example for me to follow. We still remain in contact and we check each other's progress. Her hope has guided her to a life full of success and I know that it will continue to be that way for her. I am so proud of my now good friend, Megan. Her strength and hope motivates me daily.