Heartache and Successes

I would like to introduce you to the Giving Key or in my case the “strength key”. It was given to me this year by Danielle for Christmas 2014. At that time I had no car (wreck), lost a big contract (was barely making it) and was uninvited to the place I had spent Christmas at for 8 years (still don’t know why). It was a time that I had a lot of doubt about myself, who I was as a person and could not understand why certain things had happened to me. Danielle gave me a necklace with a key on it that said “STRENGTH” and she told me I was the strongest person she had ever met. 

Over the course of the next few months I lost a mentor, someone whose opinion about myself I valued and that experience broke my heart. I had been making progress on my business but I always needed some form of “what your doing is right” by this person to believe in myself. There were times in February I could barely get out of bed, but I had meetings to go to – so I would wear the necklace. Almost every day, in interviews and meetings (under my shirt of course) to remind me of that strength and that there were people although they weren't in the same state as me that loved and believed in me.
Just over a month and a half ago, I officially launched my business, without the support of my once mentor and have been able to walk away from that experience with a peace in knowing that I can do this on my own. For the first time in my life, I stuck up for myself by simply walking away and being at peace with that. 

This success of sticking up for myself has followed suit in my relationship or lack thereof with my dad. When I was asked to visit him when I went to Oregon – it is was hard for me to say NO – how could I be the daughter that doesn't visit her dad. But somehow I realized I am not the daughter that doesn't visit her dad; but a daughter who has had enough pain and sorrow brought on by her Dad’s lack of respect for women in general, her family and most certainly her. Do I hope one day that things will be different yes, but for now it is okay to not be ready.

Just today my certification came in so I can provide support to a family with foster children. The already have a match for me and I will start my role in the coming weeks. If I would not have lost that contract in October than I would never be involved in Foster Care. At this point in my life, I feel I am finally living the life that God wants me to!

Although it is just a key on a necklace, it represents so much of my life journey (heartache and successes). Just two days ago I thought that I would never be able to give the key up – that nobody would need strength more than I do; but last night God (I know we have different faiths) spoke to my heart and let me know that it was time for me to part with this key. 

So in this time of sadness for you and your family, hang this necklace on a place in your new house where you will see it every day and on the days when you don’t feel like you can get out of bed; wear it around your neck! Let it be a reminder to how strong you are and that I am here for you and praying for you ALWAYS.

Then there will be a day, when you see someone who is in need of this “strength key” and you will share your journey with this key! May it be a blessing to you as to it was to me.

With Love,


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